Ogame Description:Edit

In developing the heavy fighter, researchers reached a point at which conventional drives no longer provided sufficient performance. In order to move the ship optimally, the
Vanator greu
impulse drive was used for the first time. This increased the costs, but also opened new possibilities. By using this drive, there was more energy left for weapons and shields; in addition, high-quality materials were used for this new family of fighters. With these changes, the heavy fighter represents a new era in ship technology and is the basis for cruiser technology.  Slightly larger than the light fighter, the heavy fighter has thicker hulls, providing more protection, and stronger weaponry.


Costs: 6000xMetal, 4000xCrystal

Structural Integrity: 10000

Shield Power: 25

Weapon Power: 150
Xlarge 205

Cargo Capacity: 100

Speed: 10000

Fuel Consumption: 75

Rapid fire from: 3xSmall Cargo, 5xEspionage Probe, 5xSolar Satellite

Rapid fire against: 100xDeath Star, 4xBattlecruisers

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