The Galactica Type Battlestar is a Colonial capital ship that combines the functions of a Aircraft Carrier and a Battleship. This Battlestar is a part of the Colonial Fleet during the First Cylon War.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit


First Cylon WarEdit

Second Cylon WarEdit


Main hullEdit

Flight PodEdit



Despite their massive size, the battlestars are extremely maneuverable and can dock with space stations such as Ragnar Anchorage. The Battlestars are not designed for atmospheric flight, although their hulls can manage a tenuous upper atmospheric storm like that surrounding the gas giant Ragnar and can survive a jump and subsequent freefall into the atmosphere of a habitable planet (ex.New Caprica). A battlestar's FTL systems are capable of accurate jumps, able to place them in synchronous orbit above a relatively close planet and of placeing them safely in the midst of an asteroid field, a dense fleet of ships, or a planetary atmosphere. However, they are grossly inferior to Cylon systems in terms of safe range.


Computer SystemsEdit



Life SupportEdit

Known Galactica Type BattlestarsEdit

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