Original Description:Edit

Initially envisioned as a next-gen corvette with long-range missile capacity, the Wepwawet went trough some changes during its design. The first blueprints included 4 turreted
Fury MK IV missile launchers and 4 beam cannons, but after the Fury MK V was introduced the plans were altered. The Wepwawet became a long-range missile platform with as many as 12 missile launchers. It had to sacrifice armor and heavy beam weaponry for missile storage, but the long-range destruction it can unleash is worth the sacrifice. It has only one weak slash beam and should be kept out of close combat at all cost.


Type: Missile Corvette

Max Velocity: 30 m/s

Length: 750 m

Turrets: 8xVasudan Turret, 6xStandard Flak, 1xAAAf, 1xVslash, 4xFury Mk IV, 8xFury Mk V

Model by: Trashman

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