FreeSpace:The Great War DescriptionEdit

The Thoth is the most dangerous ship to be created by the PVN. Manufactured solely at the Altairian Ship Yards, the Thoth has only been produced in small numbers as of
yet. When the Altairian Yards defected to the Hammer of Light rebels, the production of Thoths by the PVN dropped to nil. The Thoth is now completely in the hands of the Hammer of Light.
What makes the Thoth so versatile is its small size, extremely high maneuverability, and advanced weapon systems. It is extremely difficult to hit, in the hands of a skilled pilot. The design for the Thoth was simultaneous with the design for the Ulysses, and these two ships were designed by some of the same technicians. Thus they are quite a match for our Ulysses class fighters. This is why they are considered a B class threat. Any non registered Thoths should be destroyed immediately, and their presence reported upon completion of the mission.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The GVF Thoth has been manufactured exclusively in the Sahr Corp.'s shipyards at Altair for over 40 years. During the heyday of the Hammer of Light, the HoL captured these yards and the Thoth became a primary fighter among HoL forces. When these shipyards were recaptured, the Thoth once again became an important component of the Vasudan navy. In the hands of a skilled pilot, the Thoth's maneuverability and small size make it a hard target to hit. A single missile bank means that a Thoth pilot relies on his primary weapons to make most kills.


Type: Space Superiority

Manufacturer: Sahr Corporation

Maneuverability: Excellent

Max Velocity: 65-78 m/s

Max Afterburner Velocity: 130 m/s

Armor: Light

Length: 17m

Hardpoints: 4 (FS1 Standard: 4xPrometheus)(FS2 standard: 4xPrometheus R)

Missile Banks: 1 (FS1 Standard: 80xInterceptor)(FS2 standard: 80xHarpoon)