FreeSpace:The Great War DescriptionEdit

The Horus interceptor can outrun any ship in the PVN or the GTA. This makes it extremely dangerous. Its above average weapons capacity, combined with its good
maneuverability and shielding make this one of the most well designed Interceptors in the galaxy. This ship is responsible for the destruction of more GTA bombers than any other.
As a C class threat, Horus interceptors should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The GVF Horus was the fastest fighter class during the Great War and it's still the fastest fighter in the GTVA fleet. Its weapon capacity is average for a fighter, with four primary banks and two missile bays. The Horus pays for its speed and maneuverability with thin armor and relatively weak shields. The Horus shines as a bomber interceptor, a roleAllied Command puts it in as often as possible. For offensive operations against well-defended targets, however, the Horus is a poor choice.


Type: Interceptor

Manufacturer: Akheton Corporation

Maneuverability: Very Good/Good

Max Velocity: 90-110 m/s

Max Afterburner Velocity: 170 m/s

Armor: Medium/Light

Length: 26m

Hardpoints: 4 (FS1 standard: 2xAvenger, 2xFlail)(FS2 standard: 2xMekhu HL-7,2xMorning Star)

Missile Banks: 2 (FS1 standard: 40xMX-50, 40xPheonix V)(FS2 standard: 2xMX-64, 2xTrebuchet)