Original Description:Edit

A new fighter recently entering production, the GVF Anouke is intended as a replacement for the Great War-era Thoth. Designed primarily as a dogfighter and a close-escort
craft, the Anouke has large secondary banks for a craft its size and substantial shielding. Good maneuverability and four primary guns allow it to deal with most assault fighters. Early reports indicated that because of the heavier shielding, the Anouke's reactor was unable to adequately supply all of the fighter's systems. Despite these reports, production has proceeded at full levels.


Type: Advanced Space Superiority

Manufacturer: Mekhu Enterprises

Maneuverability: Good

Max Velocity: 70-82 m/s

Max Afterburner Velocity: 125 m/s

Armor: Light

Length: 23 m

Hardpoints: 4xMekhu HL-7

Missile Banks: 2 (30xHarpoon, 80xTornado)

Model by: Akalabeth Angel, Freespaceking

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