FreeSpace:The Great War DescriptionEdit

The dreaded Satis freighter was thought to be a warship when it was first encountered in the Aldebaran Encounter. It has five turrets and a strong hull, making it quite
GVFR Satis Old
dangerous to the inexperienced pilot. However, most experienced pilots in the GTA know enough to attack the Satis' main weakness: its weak plating around the turrets. Disarming a Satis is most often the best way to destroy it.While capturing supply ships is often an intelligent plan, the Satis has been considered dangerous enough to rank as a Class C threat. Treat it as one.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

When the first Satis-class freighter was encountered by Terran forces during the Terran-Vasudan War, its firepower led Terran Command to classify it as a light cruiser. Only after a disabled Satis was captured did its true nature become known. Now designated the GVFr Satis class, these freighters still serve as an iron fist within the velvet glove ofa freighter convoy. Few enemy fighters who mistake a Satis for a Ma'at or Bes live to regret their error.


Type: Freighter
GVFR Satis New

Max Velocity: 50-60 m/s

Length: 107m

FreeSpace 1 FreeSpace 2
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
Terran Turret 5 Terran Turret 5

Known ShipsEdit

Iota 1, Iota 2


  • Surrender, Belisarius! (Deneb system, near planet Cygnus Prime) Two such ships, Iota 1 and 2, are part of a convoy evacuating colonists from Cygnus Prime. They have come under attack from the NTF, and their escort wing was down 2 fighters. 3 transports had already been destroyed. 2 more Myrmidon fighters join in to fly escort. They are attacked by 5 NTF Hercules wings, after which they arrive at the pick-up coordinates. The Psamtik jumps in and takes over the colonists. Similar operations were underway all over Deneb.