FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

For the past 20 years, the GVFr Bes has been the mainstay of Vasudan shipping fleets. While some Terran systems languished in the post-war era, the Vasudans experienced
an economic recovery that was miraculous, given the annihilation of their home planet. Experts credit the policies of the restored Imperial government that emerged following Khonsu II's dissolution of the Vasudan parliament. As commerce among the Vasudan systems resumed and expanded into Terran worlds, a new generation of space-faring cargovessels was required to meet the needs of this burgeoning economy.


Type: Freighter

Max Velocity: 50 m/s

Length: 56 m

Containers: 56 m

Turrets: 2xTerran Turret

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