FreeSpace: The Great War DescriptionEdit

Where the Aten cruiser failed, the Typhon succeeded well past expectations. The Typhon is an incredible work of engineering and the model of Vasudan technology. When the
first one was sighted at the Vega Engagement, it was laughed at by our technicians as a foolish display of non utilitarian design. The subsequent destruction of the GTD Eisenhower and the total decimation of the 4th fleet changed their minds very quickly. The Typhon should never be underestimated. It wields massive weaponry, and has more armor plating than any Terran Destroyer. Its only known weakness is its turret armor, which is significant, but lower than expected. In the two years since this ship first appeared, we have only managed to destroy two of them.

The Typhon is considered a Class A threat to any ships within the same system. Do not engage without backup.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The GVD Typhon was the height of Vasudan military technology when it appeared to face Terran forces during the early days of the Terran-Vasudan War. The first Typhon was sighted at the Vega Engagement and quickly destroyed the GTD Eisenhower and much of the 4th fleet. The more recent Hatshepsut class of destroyers is larger and wields adeadlier array of armaments, but the Typhon is still a match for almost any foe. Up to 30 wings of fighters or bombers can be housed within its docking bays, ready to engage at a moment's notice.



Max Velocity: 15 m/s

Length: 2153 m

Fighter Complement: 30 wings


FS1: 5xTerran Huge Turret, 4xTerran Turret, 6xFighter Killer

FS2: 2xTerran Huge Turret, 5xStandard Flak, 4xFighter Killer, 2xAnti-fighter Beam, 2xBig Vasudan Beam