FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The GVC Mentu cruiser is the lightest of the new Vasudan warships. Following the Great War, allied scientists developed the beam cannons that now serve as the primary
armaments of today's GTVA warships. Rather than modify existing ships, the Vasudans developed new designs to mount these weapons. The Mentu's 16 turrets include heavy beam cannons for duking it out with other warships, as well as AAA and flak turrets to fend off smaller craft. The GVC Somtus and the GVC Mycerinus recently demonstrated thestrength of the Mentu against NTF forces in Epsilon Pegasi.


Type: Cruiser

Max Velocity: 35 m/s

Length: 322 m

Turrets: 7xTerran Turret, 2xTerran Huge Turret 1xSubach HL-7, 3xStandard Flak, 3xAnti-Fighter Beam

Known ShipsEdit

GVC Andromeda (presumed)

GVC Mirage (presumed)


  • A Vasudan cruiser was lost by the GTVA forces during the initial stages of the push into the Deneb system to retake it from the NTF. The ship, named the GVC Andromeda, is of unknown class, presumed Mentu.
  • A Vasudan Cruiser, the GVC Mirage was engaged during the same battle by NTF forces but survived. Presumed to be a Mentu.

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