FreeSpace:The Great War DescriptionEdit

The Aten class cruiser, while far stronger than most of the Vasudans warships, falls short as a attack cruiser. It does not have the armor or the firepower to stand up to GTA
weaponry. With a cruiser speed of 25 m/s and only six weapon turrets, the Aten just cannot muster the kind of firepower needed to do real damage to targets of size. Most GTA pilots have learned to exploit the primary weakness of the Aten: its extremely weak weapons subsystem. The Aten class cruiser is considered by the GTA to be a Class B threat.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The GVC Aten is among the smallest and weakest of the GTVA's cruiser classes, with thin armor and only a few, relatively weak turrets. Terran fighters and bombers exploited these weaknesses during the early years of the Great War, when the Terran and Vasudans were still enemies. The Aten is most often seen in the current conflict as a rear guarddefense for convoys or installations, backing up wings of fighters and bombers.


Type: Cruiser

Manufacturer: Parliamentary Vasudan Navy

Max Velocity: 25 m/s

Length: 230m


FS1: 4xTerran Turret, 2xAvenger

FS2: 2xTerran Turret, 2xSubach HL-7, 2xAnti-fighter Beam