Original Description:Edit

The GVCv Udjat has been designed as a self-sufficient multi-role capital ship. With twin reactors to power its engines and weapons array, the Udjat is an optimal attack craft,
outrunning any other capital vessel in the GTVA and delivering a devastating punch with its four primary beam cannons and enhanced anti-fighter defenses. An efficient internal configuration allows the corvette to host up to 32 combat spacecraft in its fighterbay. As production of these craft enters full swing, the Udjat is expected to become a mainstay of the Vasudan navy.


Type: Corvette

Max Velocity: 40 m/s

Length: 908 m

Turrets: 2xVSlash, 2xSVas, 4xAAAf, 6xStandard Flak, 3xTerran Huge Turret, 3xTerran Turret, 3xFighter Killer

Model by: Scroll of Atankharzim Team

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