FreeSpace: The Great War DescriptionEdit

The Osiris has now become the standard bomber for use in PVN operations. It has replaced the Amun, correcting many of the faults of its predecessor. It is not quite as sturdy,
but it has nearly the same weapons capacity, and is faster and more maneuverable.
The Osiris should be considered a C class threat to Fenris class cruisers, and a D class threat otherwise.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The GVB Osiris was the primary bomber of the PVN during the Great War. It is showing its age during the current conflict, as the more advanced Bakha and Sekhmet bombers have replaced it on the front lines in most theatres of conflict. Osiris bombers still in service have been retrofitted to make them compatible with most GTVA missiles and bombs.If well-protected by fighter escorts, a wing of Osiris bombers can still wreak havoc on enemy cruisers and corvettes.


Type: Bomber/Reserve Bomber

Manufacturer: Akheton Corporation

Maneuverability: Poor/Very Poor

Max Velocity: 50-64 m/s

Max Afterburner Velocity: 100 m/s

Armor: Heavy

Length: 40m

Hardpoints: 2 (FS1 Standard: 2xAvenger)(FS2 standard: 2xMekhu HL-7)

Missile Banks: 3(FS1 standard: 40xSynaptic, 40xStiletto, 20xPheonix V)(FS2 Standard: 40xPiranha, 40xStiletto II, 20xTrebuchet)

Turrets: 2 (FS1 standard: 2xPrometheus)(FS2 standard: 2xPrometheus R)