FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The GVA Setekh is the Vasudan class of AWACS vessels, comparable to the Terran GTA Charybdis class. Setekhs are smaller, less heavily armored, and have half the turrets
of Charybdis ships. Despite these shortcomings, the Vasudan navy insists upon deploying Setekhs in Vasudan battle groups, claiming the Vasudan versions are more appropriate for their fleets. Setekhs' crystalline detection arrays provide their fleets with doubled radar range within the nebular region. Every Vasudan battle group operating in this theatre has a wing of Setekhs attached to it.



Max Velocity: 20 m/s

Length: 190 m

Turrets: 3xTerran Turret Weak

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