Unholy Alliance Description:Edit

The GTVF Amon-Re is the first class of warship designed with the Piercer cannons as part of the original design. The Amon-Re is a menace to ships of any size, bristling with 8
anti-capship beams, and a barrage of anti-fighter/bomber weapons it is truly a 1 ship strike group (Kazan).


Type: Frigate

Max Velocity: 30 m/s

Length: 660 m

Turrets: 2xBGreen, 1xBVas, 2xSVas, 2xLong Range Flak, 4xUltra Anti-fighter Beam, 5xSubach HL-8, 2xPiercer, 2xUD-9 Terror Cannon, 2xLRed, 2xPiranha

Model by: I don't have a bloody clue

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