Original Description:Edit

The Guild Wars of 2384 were some of the most hard fought space battles in either Terran or Vasudan history. This was due primarily to the lack of intelligence that could be
acquired, since the rebels blended in perfectly with merchant traffic. In order to solve this problem, and eventually win this conflict, the GTVI secretly developed these small listening posts. Equipped with the EGPSA, or Electromagnetic Gravimetric Passive Sensor Array, these posts were planted in almost every asteroid field in the Galaxy. They provided much needed intelligence to track the rebels and to eventually take them down. This structure is built into an asteroid itself, and runs on a small, efficient fusion reactor, and is all but indistinguishable from a normal asteroid except at extreme close range. It's lightly armed, carrying only 3 weapons turrets for clearing out other asteroids, but is generally tougher than a standard asteroid. After the wars ended, they were all supposedly removed, although this remains uncertain.


Type: Installation

Width: 140 m

Turrets: 3xTerran Turret

Model by: I don't have a bloody clue

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