The Shard of Infinity Description:Edit

The GTI Asteria is a station originally designed for commerce and trade. With its 9 docking points and able to station at least one wing of fighters for patrols, the station is

well-fitted to serve as a hub for trade in system. Because Asteria-class Stations are easily set-up, this class of station became the GTA's choice for supply outposts in contested areas. With 24 turrets the Asteria's self-defense is outstanding for a station of its size but with its smaller size also comes lower durability, therefore using fighters are its primary means of defense is highly advised.


Type: Installation

Length: 1625 m

Turrets: 4xTerran Huge Turret, 12xTerran Turret, 8xStandard Flak

Model by: Axem, Oddgrim, 0rph3u5

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