Original Description:Edit

The GTI Aeglos is a huge space station, able to conduct field repairs of even larger vessels like destroyers. It was initially designed for civilian purposes, but the constant turmoil
in the GTVA and rampart piracy led to a increase in it's weaponry and armor. This went even further as the military constructor started work on the prototype. With multiple docking bays, fighterbays and defense turrets, it can handle the busiest of trade hubs and dangerous areas, but it's still can't match a dedicated military installation.


Type: Installation

Height: 4438 m

Fighter Complement: 120

Turrets: 23xTerran Turret, 8xStandard Flak, 2xHeavy Flak, 2xLong Range Flak, 5xAAAf, 1xBGreen

Model by: I don't have a bloody clue

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