Renegade Resurgence Description:Edit

The first class of Terran gunships are the newest ships in the GTVA. The Antwerpen, named after a colony of the lost human homeworld, is a small-sized cruiser with sufficient
firepower and capability of destroying cruisers and fighters with ease. The flaks on the corridor that connects the main bridge with the engine can be an extreme challenge for approaching fighters and bombers. Starships are looked after by two powerful beams on the two sides of the command bridge. This amount of weaponry could not be kept operational without sufficient power, but the gunship's main generator can output enough power to keep most of the turrets operational at any time. This gunship is 390 meters long but it is still not as tough as our Aeolus-cruisers. On the other hand, an Antwerpen destroys an Aeolus on equal grounds. Production of this class of ship will bring a new era to the GTVA military, where proper balance between anti-fighter and anti-capital firepower is pivotal.


Type: Gunship

Max Velocity: 24 m/s

Length: 350 m

Turrets: 3xTerSlash, 2xAAAf, 3xStandard Flak, 4xTerran Huge Turret, 2xTerran Turret, 3xFusion Mortar

Model by: Top Ace

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