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The GTFr Triton hauls almost twice the tonnage of the Poseidon-class freighters that have served the Alliance since the Great War. The ability to distribute supplies and
GTFR Triton Old
munitions is vital in any theater of operations. With the Triton, battle groups can keep their forces well-equipped, even if dispersed over multiple systems. The Triton not only has the ability to dock with and haul TAC units, but it also has an internal cargo bay for ship-to-ship transfers. The GTVA expects the Triton to reduce its reliance on deep-spacedepots, which are vulnerable to attack and sabotage.


Type: Freighter

Max Velocity: 30 m/s

Length: 484 m

Containers: TC-TRI

FreeSpace 2
Turret Type Amount
Subach HL-7 1
Standard Flak 1

Known ShipsEdit


Capricorn 1
GTFR Triton New


  • Training 2 (TSM 103-B) During the training a freighter, designated Triton jumps in, is used for targeting control learning, and then jumps out.
  • The Place of Chariots During a GTVA raid on a hidden NTF depot, a couple of freighters were near the depot, including a Triton. This ship managed to escape before the attack force could neutralize it.