FreeSpace: The Great War DescriptionEdit

The Poseidon is the standard military freighter in the GTA. It is designed to protect its cargo from any kind of attack, and has four turrets with which to do so.
GTFR Poseidon Old

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The GTFr Poseidon is the smaller of the two standard Terran military freighters. Though it carries only half as much cargo as the Triton, the Poseidon is more often chosen for dangerous missions. Its greater speed gives it better survivability on the front lines, as does the fact that it has four weapon turrets, compared to the Triton's two. When Allied

Command sends supplies and munitions that have to get through, a Poseidon is usually chosen to transport them.


Type: Freighter
GTFR Poseidon New

Max Velocity: 50-60 m/s

Length: 67 m

Containers: TC 2, TSC 2, TTC 1

Turrets: 4 (FS1 standard: 4xAvenger)(FS2 standard: 4xSubach HL-7)

FreeSpace 1 FreeSpace 2
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
Avenger 4 Subach HL-7 4

Known ShipsEdit

Capricorn 2,3


  • The Place of Chariots (Deneb system, inside the Deneb asteroid belt) Two NTF Poseidon freighters, designated Capricorn 2 and 3, were present at a hidden NTF cargo depot during a GTVA attack on it. One of them managed to get away, but one of them was destroyed.