Warzone Description:Edit

The GTE class of ships are primarily explorer class vessels capable of journeys in excess of twenty years. They combine solar arrays with fusion reactors to keep the ships
engines and systems operating for longs periods of time. An advanced internal computer system can totally automate all components of the ship. The GTE Vidar class was constructed shortly after the GTVA was formed by former GTI operatives operating in the Mirfak system. The Vidar combines all the features of a standard explorer class ship with a few modifications. Armament consists of AAA, flak, and laser turrets and the ship is more than capable of defending itself from a light Shivan attack.


Type: Explorer

Max Velocity: 30 m/s

Length: 1366 m

Turrets: 2xAAAf, 1xStandard Flak, 2xTerran Huge Turret, 10xTerran Turret

Model by: I don't have a bloody clue

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