Original Description:Edit

The GTD Hera is the largest and most powerful destroyer class vessel ever built by the GTVA. While it lacks the size of the Colossus or the Hades - on which the Hera is based -
a highly efficent design allows for a much higher density array of weapon systems. With advancements in engine and reactor technology, the Hera is the first class of Terran Destroyer that can go toe to toe with a Shivan destroyer with good odds of victory.


Type: Destroyer

Max Velocity: 25 m/s

Length: 2504 m

Turrets: 2xHTerSlash, 4xMTerSlash, 4xLTerSlash, 20xAAAGreen, 10x42mm Long-Ranged-Flak, 20x30mm Flak, 16xT-FS2 150mm, 4xT-FS2 75mm, 22xT-FS2 60mm, 6xT-FS2 15mm, 4xTitan

Model by: Raptor, Tohtori

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