Original Description:Edit

The Daegon class destroyer was built as a prototype for the GTVA, but when it was never commissioned for use, the prototypes were spared decommissioning and
deconstruction. Now, the Star Alliance has the upper hand in any battle where one of these is present. It is approximately 3 kilometers in length, and carries more half the firepower of the Collossus. One wonders why the GTVA turned this ship design down... It takes two Orions and a Tennyson battlecruiser to effectively counter this ship. Even then, chances of survival are slim, due to the High Radiation Reactor that is in use on this ship. The blast from an overloading HR Reactor is powerful enough to destroy reduce a battleship's hull integrity by 5% at range. The GTBCr Tennyson is the only ship with flak batteries capable of warding off the Theater Range Missiles installed on the Daegon.


Type: Destroyer

Max Velocity: 54 m/s

Length: 3764 m

Turrets: 6xLRBBlue, 4xTerSlash, 9xAAAf, 5xSuper Flak, 10xTerran BattlelaserC2, 8xTTRM Hellion

Model by: Esarai

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