Original Description:Edit

The Ophion is the heaviest Allied cruiser in service and at 548 meters in length, it is also the largest. Designed to bring to any front the firepower of several smaller vessels, the
Ophion combines many of the design concepts from the older Fenris class with the components and weaponry of the newer Aegis class. While slower than her distant cousins, the Ophion is still as fast or faster than any corvette or destroyer, making it a practical rapid-response vessel. Most of a Ophion’s firepower is designed to target capital grade vessels and few of her guns can even track fighters, making fighter cover for these vessels a top priority.


Type: Cruiser

Max Velocity: 30 m/s

Length: 548 m

Turrets: 4xTHP, 2xGrUAAA-h, 6xTerranHugeFast, 2xLRXF-2

Model by: I don't have a bloody clue

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