FreeSpace:The Great War DescriptionEdit

After the Vasudans began making incursions into GTA space, command decided that it needed a new defensive cruiser. Changes to the Fenris led to the GTC Leviathan line of
cruisers, produced as mobile defense battleships. Their speed and maneuverability were greatly reduced in tradeoff for more powerful weapons and a stronger hull. Production was discontinued when the GTA thought they would win the Vasudan war after the Battle of Gulnara, and then the production was started up again after the defeat at the Talania system. Because of the on-again off-again nature of this vessel's production, almost all of the Leviathan Cruisers have different armaments, but all have consistent hulls and speeds.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

Early in the Great War, Han-Ronald engineers designed and built the Leviathan class of cruisers. The Leviathan is much heavier armed and armored than the Fenris, but also much slower and less maneuverable. Leviathan cruisers are used to guard critical installations, such as permanent jump nodes, deep-space factories, and gas-mining operations, where firepower is king and speed is of little importance. They're also well-suited to escorting slow-moving freighters or transports. The Fenris is good forfast-moving operations, but when you need some muscle, call in a Leviathan.


Type: Cruiser

Manufacturer: Han-Ronald Corp.

Max Velocity: 10 m/s

Length: 253 m


FS1: 8xTerran turret, 1xFusion Mortar

FS2: 3xTerran turret, 1xFusion mortar, 4xAnti-fighter beam, 1xLight Terran Slashing Beam