FreeSpace: The Great War DescriptionEdit

The mainstay of the Terran Fleet, these vessels have served in both strike and defense purposes. From nose to tail it measures 260 meters. With a full array of weapon systems
and a strong enough hull to withstand the strongest enemy warheads, a Fenris Cruiser can be found in almost any system that the GTA is operating in. The Fenris cruiser was originally designed as a strike weapon, hence its fast speed and decent turning rate. It was later decided that a second line of cruisers would be produced, for defensive purposes, once it became apparent that the V-T war wouldn't be over in a few months.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The GTC Fenris class is the aging stalwart among the Alliance's warships. Before the Great War, the Fenris was Terran Command's only class of cruisers. During the war, Terran Command decided to build a second line of cruisers, the Leviathans, to free the Fenris from escort and guard duties. Fenris cruisers have fought in virtually every theatre of operation. These fast, versatile cruisers pack enough punch in their 260-meter-long hulls to go toe-to-toe with any enemy cruiser. The Fenris's speed and maneuverabilitymake it a good choice for strike missions.


Type: Cruiser

Max Velocity: 20-25 m/s

Length: 253 m


FS1: 8xTerran turret,  1xFusion Mortar

FS2: 5xTerran turret,  1xFusion Mortar, 2xAnti-fighter beam, 1xLight Terran Slashing Beams

Known ShipsEdit

GTC Trafalgar (presumed)

NTC Hengst (presumed)

GTC Coriolanus (presumed)


  • A Terran cruiser was lost in the Deneb system during the first stages of the allied push to liberate it from the NTF. The cruiser, the GTC Trafalgar, is of unknown class, presumed Fenris.
  • The NTF cruiser Hengst was destroyed by allied forces in Deneb during their push to retake the system. It is presumed it was a Fenris.
  • During the same battle, the Terran cruiser GTC Coriolanus came under NTF attack, but it survived. It is presumed to have been a Fenris.