Original Description:Edit

The GTC Eris is a next-generation light cruiser, designed to replace the old Fenris class warships. With their lack of armor and weaponry, Fenris cruisers were not able to fight
effectively against modern Shivan warships. The GTVA lost over 80% of their Fenris-class cruisers during the Second Shivan Invasion. To replace those casualties, the GTVA High Council decided to develop a new class of light cruiser. In 2371, the first Eris-class warships entered service. The Eris is a very fast and versatile cruiser, armed with the newest weapons in the GTVA arsenal. Strike Torpedos and multiple FLAK guns can quickly take down any hostile cruiser.


Type: Cruiser

Max Velocity: 40 m/s

Length: 202 m

Turrets: 1xSGreen, 4xLong Range Flak, 4xTerran Turret, 2xStrike T

Model by: c914

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