Original Description:Edit

The GTC Cretheus is a new light cruiser, designed primarily for escorting convoys and vunerable ships. With 8 dual flak cannons, it is capable of taking care of most fighter or
bomber threats. Its two powerful engines allow it to keep up with any transport ship and almost match speeds with heavier fighters. When faced with a capital ship threat however, the Cretheus' only advantage is its small size and speed. Without any beam cannons and only light armor, the Cretheus must rely on heavier cruisers for survival. Cretheus Cruisers are typically in groups of two or three so that their spread of flak can cover more area.


Type: Cruiser

Max Velocity: 50 m/s

Length: 121 m

Turrets: 8xStandard Flak

Model by: Axem

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