Original Description:Edit

Eris-class corvettes are the newest addition to the Terran fleet, their weapons and engine configuration maximize maneuverability and firepower. Most of the ships' heavy
weaponry is mounted forward, giving it as much firepower as the infamous Ravana class destroyers in a head to head engagement. Far superior to the older Deimos corvettes in both durability and speed, these new corvettes are the weapons of tomorrow.


Type: Corvette

Max Velocity: 40 m/s

Length: 825 m

Turrets: 1xMTerSlash, 2xTerSlash, 3xAAAf, 4xSuper Flak, 9xTerranHugeFast, 5xMG2, 2xHyperion, 2xPiranha

Model by: I don't have a bloody clue

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