Original Description:Edit

The Rhea is Han-Ronald's next generation strike bomber. Basically it is a fighter airframe with a large enough bomb bay to carry 4 Cyclops torpedoes. Additional armament
consists of a triple-barreled primary bank under the port wing and a small missile bank on top of the fuselage. Its primary role as a strike bomber is to conduct precisions strikes against targets without the need for a dedicated escort wing. A typical tactic used by its pilots is to punch a hole in the defending fighter screen of their target before the bombs are delivered. Additionally, the Rhea can be deployed in larger fleet engagements to disable and disarm enemy capital ships with Stiletto II missiles and then support the space superiority wings. The Rhea has powerful engines and a large afterburner capacity, making it the fastest ship in the GTVA fleet to carry the Cyclops torpedo. Together with the strong armor and shields for a ship its size, this gives it the ability to survive bombing runs on heavily defended targets. However, that ability comes with the price of reduced maneuverability due to its relatively high mass and asymmetrical layout.


Type: Strike Bomber

Manufacturer: Han-Ronald Corp.

Maneuverability: Medium

Max Velocity: 72-87 m/s

Max Afterburner Velocity: 120 m/s

Armor: Medium

Length: 28 m

Hardpoints: 3 (3xSubach HL-7)

Missile Banks: 2 (65xCyclops, 28xTornado)

Model by: Col. Fishguts

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