Original Description:Edit

The GTB Kronus is a very recent addition to the GTVA arsenal and is the first Terran bomber with two turrets. Many within Command were dubious at the idea of investing in such
a radical throwback design, but the Boanerges had repeatedly proven itself all but unable to defend itself in combat during the NTF rebellion and the Second Shivan Incursion. A replacement was needed to remedy this embarrassing failure. The Kronus was thus developed with survivability in mind, first and foremost. With two turrets and a thick, dense hull, it is more than tough enough to survive heavy combat, and it is rugged enough that repairs are quick and relatively simple.


Type: Heavy Bomber

Manufacturer: RNI Systems

Maneuverability: Very Poor

Max Velocity: 45-60 m/s

Max Afterburner Velocity: 95 m/s

Armor: Heavy

Length: 52 m

Hardpoints: 4 (2xPrometheus, 2xMaxim)

Missile Banks: 3 (100xHelios, 100xCyclops, 40xPiranha)

Turrets: 2xPrometheus S

Model by: MadBomber, Fulgrymm

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