Original Description:Edit

The Blade is the first of the next generation class of warships employed by the alliance. The old cruisers carried too little firepower to cope with newer and larger warships, and
didn't perform satisfactorily against fighters in most cases either, so a newer and larger class of warships was produced - the battlecruiser. Larger then a cruiser but smaller than a corvette, a battlecruiser combines the best from both. It has enough speed, firepower and armor to be a great asset on the battlefield.


Type: Battlecruiser

Max Velocity: 30 m/s

Length: 390 m/s

Turrets: 12xTerran Turret, 2xTerran Medium Turret, 5xStandard Flak, 2xAAAf, 1xMGreen, 2xSGreen

Model by: Trashman

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