Original DescriptionEdit

The FTB-01C Saracen is an assault bomber with a three man crew that was developed to inflict as much damage as possible and not just survive long enough to fire its payload.
FTB Saracen
It is the only bomber in the fleet that is purpose built to carry the Sledge Hammer heavy fusion torpedo which is not the extent of its weapon load out. With a quartet of built in fold away mass drivers, 2 interchangable gun banks, 2 interchangable banks for missiles and one dedicated to the sledge hammer the Saracen easily out guns any GTVA bomber fielded to date. Compared to the Ursa it is faster, more manuverable and posesses a greater offensive capability by far. It falls short however on shielding, armor and self defense capability basicaly meaning it's shields are substandard and it lacks turrets. Its defensive capability relies heavily on what weapons the crew can aim and fire at their attackers. Saracens excell at surgical and deep strike as well as ambush and medium assault rolls. Like all Federal fighter craft Saracens are capable of operating in atmospheric conditions which gives a strong advantage over most GTVA bombers


Type: Assault Bombers

Manufacturer: Mirfak Shipyards

Maneuverability: Poor

Max Velocity: 60-80 m/s

Max Afterburner Velocity: 120 m/s

Armor: Heavy

Length: 41 m

Hardpoints: 12 (Standard: 4xMace, 4xRapier, 4xMass Driver)

Missile Banks: 3 (Standard: 120xDirk, 80xSlammer, 70xSledgehammer Mk. 2)

Model by: Steve-O

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