Original DescriptionEdit

Born at the Regulus shipyards it was designed to go toe to toe with the GTVA's Orion, Hecate and Raynor class destroyers. while boasting only 2 turret mounted Mjolnir Beam
cannons (12 RBC's went missing from GTVA storage sites, that's a different story) it more than makes up for it with a nasty array of plasma cannons and torpedo launchers as well as 120 assorted fighters. currently only 6 Vexors are in active service in the Federal fleet, another 2 are nearing completion. These ships have the distinction of being relatively easy to produce, rugged and easy to maintain. At current rates 1 Vexor can be built every 6 months. But with war looming on the horizon these 8 warships might be the only thing standing between us and them.


Type: Destroyer

Manufacturer: Regulus Shipyards

Max Velocity: 35 m/s

Length: 3327 m

Fighter Capacity: 144

Turrets: 2xMjolnir Beam, 2xShark, 4xFusillade, 4xDart, 12xLong Range Flak, 18xHeavy Plasma, 5xTerran Anti-Fighter Beam, 10xTerran Turret

Model by: Steve-O

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