Ogame Description:Edit

Espionage probes are small, agile drones that provide data on fleets and planets. Fitted with specially designed engines, it allows them to cover vast distances in only a few
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minutes. Once in orbit around the target planet, they quickly collect data and transmit the report back via your Deep Space Network for evaluation. But there is a risk to theintelligent gathering aspect. During the time the report is transmitted back to your network, the signal can be detected by the target and the probes can be destroyed.


Cost: 1000xCrystal

Structural Integrity: 1000
Espionage Probe

Speed: 100 000 000

Fuel Consumption: 1

Rapid fire against: 5xSmall Cargo Ship, Large Cargo Ship, Light Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship, Colony Ship, Recycler, Bomber, Destroyer, 250xDeath Star

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