Galactic Imperia DescriptionEdit

The first of the large capital ships, the backbone of the fleet. The Destroyers are almost immune to the fire of the small class ships (Raiders and Fighters) and are very good at
dealing with large targets such as Orbital Stations and Titans. The only danger to the Destroyer class ships comes from the Cruiser class ships, which are smaller but much faster and armed specifically to combat them. Due to their size the mighty Destroyers can be build only in orbit. Destroyers are the next best thing to Titans when it comes to attacking Orbital Stations.


Code name: Manta

Attack: 6400

Hitpoints: 64000

Speed: 1,2

Cargo Hold: 10000

Ship Size: 64

Crew: 320

Building Time: 18 h

Costs: 14400 metals, 5760 isotopes

Bonuses: x4 times greater attack when firing at Titans (once they are within range!), x2 times greater attack when firing at Strike Fighters, small ship's fire can barely scratch them

Minuses: Weak against Cruisers

Required: Level 1 Orbital Scaffold, Level 1 Short Range Attack, Level 1 Destroyer Engines

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