Ogame Description:Edit

The Destroyer is the result of years of work and development. With the development of Deathstars, it was decided that a class of ship was needed to defend against such a
massive weapon.Thanks to its improved homing sensors, multi-phalanx Ion cannons, Gauss Cannons and Plasma Turrets, the Destroyer turned out to be one of the most fearsome ships created. Because the destroyer is very large, its maneuverability is severely limited, which makes it more of a battle station than a fighting ship. The lack of maneuverability is made up for by its sheer firepower, but it also costs significant amounts of deuterium to build and operate.


Cost: 60000xMetal, 50000xCrystal, 15000xDeuterium
Xlarge 213

Structural Integrity: 110000

Shield Power: 500

Weapon Power: 2000

Cargo Capacity: 2000

Speed: 5000

Fuel Consumption: 1000

Rapid fire from: 5xEspionage Probe, 5xSolar Satellite, 10xLight Laser, 2xBattlecruiser

Rapid fire against: 5xDeath Star

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