Ogame Description:Edit

The Deathstar is the ultimate ship ever created. This moon sized ship is the only ship that can be seen with the naked eye on the ground. By the time you spot it, unfortunately,
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it is too late to do anything. Armed with a gigantic graviton cannon, the most advanced weapons system ever created in the Universe, this massive ship has not only the capability of destroying entire fleets and defenses, but also has the capability of destroying entire moons. Only the most advanced empires have the capability to build a ship of this mammoth size.


Cost: 5,000,000xMetal, 4,000,000xCrystal, 1,000,000xDeuterium

Structural Integrity: 9,000,000

Shield Power: 50,000

Weapon Power: 200,000
Steaua mortii

Cargo Capacity: 1,000,000

Base Speed: 100

Fuel Consumption: 1

Rapid fire from: 1250xEspionage Probe, 1250xSolar Satellite, 250xSmall Cargo Ship, 250xLarge Cargo Ship, 200xLight Fighter, 100xHeavy Fighter, 33xCruiser, 30xBattle Ship, 250xColony Ship, 250xRecycler, 25xBomber, 5xDestroyer, 15xBattlecruiser, 200xRocket Launcher, 200xLight Laser, 100xHeavy Laser, 100xIon Cannon, 50xGauss Cannon

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