Dark Pirates Edit

Dark Pirates is similar to the already very successful MMOG "Gladiatus", both made by Gameforge, the new spaceship adventure game is impressive with its simple user guidance and drag-&-drop functions: Rockets can be

Dark Pirates Ships


Night Shade


Sun Fox













Scanner Station

Cleaning Station

Repair Dock

Space Station

added to the spaceship and weak shield generators replaced with stronger ones with a quick and easy click of the mouse. You travel at several times the speed of light, not having to lose a lot of time on moving about. And the large selection of equipment ranging from laser weapons, shield generators, sensors, rockets up to the warp drive stir the space pilot’s blood. 

Starting Edit

You start right away with a basic configuration of equipment and credits: The space pirate can raid other cargo ships and steal their goods or peacefully look for raw materials and trade with other players. But other space pirates can also raid and rob the player in the player-versus-player mode. Captured credits can be converted into raw materials such as Duranit or Polenium or used for training, such as for e.g. better camouflage, target acquisition or navigation.
If the cost of a spaceship, a shield generator or laser sword in the hangar should ever exceed the available balance, the space pirates can work on the space station as dock hands and earn credits this way. Repairs on the own spaceship can also be carried out with individual labor – albeit slower although cheaper than in a professional shop.
Depending on the game strategy the initially neutral character of the space pirate will continuously evolve and take on different characteristics. Skills actively or simply randomly gained by the player will influence the change of a character and lead to the space pirate belonging to one of the four factions – Atlantican, Djem Al Dhir, Carminian or Teril Tkarr.

Factions Edit

Each of these factions owns a mother planet within the galaxy: Atlantican is a world almost completely covered by water, Al Dhir Prime however, is a desert planet with a palace of the sultans, whereas Carminian is wooded and Neo Thera toxically contaminated. A player can also join the alliance beyond his association with a faction. Each alliance (also known as a guild to online players) consists of confederate pirates and offers a place of refuge to escape foreign attacks.

Extra ships Edit

These two ships are only seen in one picture each, and are not met in the game. They are the Cargo Ship and the Unknown Ship

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