Ogame DescriptionEdit

In the 20th Century, Man decided to go for the stars. First, it was landing on the Moon. After that, a space station was built. Mars was colonized soon afterwards. It was soon determined that our growth depended on colonizing other worlds. Scientists and engineers all over the world gathered together to develop mans greatest
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achievement ever. The Colony Ship is born. This ship is used to prepare a newly discovered planet for colonization. Once it arrives at the destination, the ship is instantly transformed into habitual living space to assist in populating and mining the new world. The maximum number of planets is thereby determined by the progress in astrophysics research. Two new levels of Astrotechnology allow for the colonization of one additional planet.


Costs: 10000xMetal, 20000xCrystal, 10000xDeuterium

Structural Integrity: 30000

Shield Power: 100
Nava de colonizare

Weapon Power: 50

Cargo Capacity: 7500

Speed: 2500

Fuel Consumption: 1000

Rapid fire from: 5xEspionage Probe, 5xSolar Satellite

Rapid fire against: 250xDeath Star

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