Chenjesu Broodhome shot (from Sega Genesis version)

The Chenjesu Broodhome is the most powerful ship in the entire Alliance of Free Stars side. It deploys a very powerful main crystal missile weapon, which, when making contact with a ship at full strength, has a devastating effect and can totally destroy a small ship with one hit. The weapon can also travel an infinite area (the largest area of all Alliance of Free Stars ships) until it either hits an object (a ship, planet, asteroid or enemy ship's weapon) or is splintered via remote control in case it initially misses a target, which causes the weapon to break up into smaller, but not as potent pieces. The Broodhome also has a large amount of fuel and crew and its special power, the D. O. G. I.., can suck fuel from the enemy's ship upon making contact, making the ship vulnerable and possibly defenseless without enough fuel to counterattack.

The very few weaknesses the Broodhome has is its slow turning speed and thrust, plus it is also the most expensive ship to build during a full game.

Ship statsEdit

  • Alignment: Alliance of Free Stars
  • Crew size: Very high
  • Fuel amount: Fairly high
  • Refueling speed: Fairly high
  • Thrust: Very low
  • Turning speed: Very low
  • Ship speed: Fair
  • Weapon range: Highest
  • Weapon damage: Very high (full strength), low (splintered)
  • Special power: D. O. G. I.
  • Cost to build (full game only): Highest


True to its name, the D. O. G. I. makes barking noises like a dog once it makes contact with a ship, and also whines when it gets destroyed.

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