Galactic Imperia DescriptionEdit

The only bad thing about the Battlecruisers is that they are not Imperial Cruisers... The Battlecruisers are the link between the light and the elite Cruiser ships, sharing all of
their strengths and weaknesses. Faster than the Light Cruiser, the Battlecruiser is a nightmare for the Destroyers class ships. They are not effective against Space Stations and should be kept away from Raiders.


Code name: Barracuda

Attack: 2400

Hitpoints: 24000

Speed: 2,5

Cargo Hold: 3750

Ship Size: 24

Crew: 120

Building Time: 12 h

Costs: 6000 metals, 2400 isotopes

Bonuses: x3 times greater attack when firing at Strike Fighters, x4 times greater attack when firing at Destroyers

Minuses: x4 times less attack when firing at Raiders, x2 times less attack when firing at Space Stations

Requirements: Level 1 Shipyard, Level 7 Short Range Attack, Level 4 Terraforming, Level 7 Shields

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