Ogame Description:Edit

Once it became apparent that the cruiser was losing ground to the increasing number of defense structures it was facing, and with the loss of ships on missions at
Nava de razboi 2
unacceptable levels, it was decided to build a ship that could face those same type of defense structures with as little loss as possible. After extensive development, the Battleship was born. Built to withstand the largest of battles, the Battleship features large cargo spaces, heavy cannons, and high hyperdrive speed. Once developed, it eventually turned out to be thebackbone of every raiding Emperors fleet.


Cost: 45000xMetal, 15000xCrystal

Structural Integrity: 60000

Shield Power: 200

Weapon Power: 1000

Cargo Capacity: 1500

Base Speed: 10000

Fuel Consumption: 500

Rapid fire from: 5xEspionage Probe, 5xSolar Satellite
Nava de razboi maare

Rapid fire against: 30xDeath Star, 7xBattlecruiser

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