The BC-304 (also known as Daedalus-class Battlecruiser) is a Deep Space Carrier/Battlecruiser in the Stargate series. This class of starship is used by the Tau'ri (Humans on Earth) and is their current main production line of starships.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit


The first operational history of the BC-304 was against the Wraith during their siege of Atlantis, City of the Ancients. The Daedalus (first developed BC-304) came out of hyperspace, rescued Major John Sheppard via Asgard beaming technology, delivered the Zero-Point module to Atlantis and engaged the last Wraith hive ship and several Wraith cruisers in Lantea orbit.

Known CrewEdit

Daedalus Edit

Commanding Officer - Colonel Steven Caldwell (United States Air Force), Colonel Sobel (alternate reality)

Odyssey Edit

Commanding Officer - Colonel Davidson (United States Air Force), Colonel Paul Emerson (USAF) (KIA)

Korolev Edit

Commanding Officer - Colonel Chekov (Russian Air Force) (Possible KIA - Unknown)

Apollo Edit

Commanding Officer - Colonel Abraham Ellis (United States Air Force)

George Hammond Edit

Commanding Officer - Colonel Samantha Carter (United States Air Force)

Sun Tzu Edit

Commanding Officer - Unknown (Colonel (Possible) - China People's Liberation Army Air Force )

Known ShipsEdit

  • Daedalus
  • Odyssey
  • Korolev (Destroyed, Battle of P3Y-229)
  • Apollo
  • General Hammond (alternate timeline - Phoenix)
  • Sun Tzu

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