Androsynth Guardian screenshot (Sega Genesis version)

The Androsynth Guardian is actually two ships in one, as its special ability allows it to switch from a slow ship to a much faster T “comet”, or solid ball form, as the two ships are totally different.

In its default form, as a weapon, the ship releases acid-based, bubble-like blob spheres that employ “Chaos tracking”, which home in on enemy ships, yet move in an erratic matter. Several are also released at a time, which it can be difficult for enemy ships to get a shot in at the Guardian. In its second form, that ship moves as a super fast fireball that can ram enemy vessels.

The default version of the Guardian has a fairly high weapon range, plus both ships have a fairly high thrust rating (with the second stage ship having the highest) and they hold a fairly high amount of fuel. The second stage ship also has the highest speed of any ship in the Hierarchy lineup.

Along with strengths, both ships also have their weaknesses, as the two vessels share a low refueling speed, have only a fair-sized crew and only a fair amount of damage is dealt from either weapon. The default ship also has a low speed, and even though the second ship is fast, it can only ram enemy vessels, making it vulnerable to attack from a distance. The Guardian is also fairly costly to build during a full game.

Ship statsEdit

  • Alignment: Ur-Quan Hierarchy
  • Crew size: Fair
  • Fuel amount: Fairly high
  • Refueling speed: Low
  • Thrust (default/second ship): Fairly high/highest
  • Turning speed (default/second ship): Fair/highest
  • Ship speed (default/second ship): Low/highest
  • Weapon range (default/second ship): Fairly high/N/A
  • Weapon damage: Fair
  • Special power: Switches between two ships
  • Cost to build (full game only): Fairly high


The Guardians are run by a renegade group of humanoid clones, hence why all crew members on all ships look exactly alike and wear the exact same clothes.

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