Ancient-Shivan War Description:Edit

Originally designed as a small strike corvette in mind, the constantly-tested Phaistos is our choice for a freighter, used to ferry our sacred containers of cargo both to and beyond
Afr phaistos
the front lines. Having existed for centuries, the Phaistos has been an integral asset and part of the empire's development since its infancy. Where the need demands, it sees to the task of delivering vital supplies and valuable treasures. Without the Phaistos, it would be impossible to imagine how our empire has expanded and developed at breath-taking speeds across the past ages. Incredibly fragile and equipped with a minmal armanent, the Phaistos should never travel alone, for such a dangerous thought could lead to the loss of that it may carry and that we treasure.


Type: Freighter

Max Velocity: 40 m/s

Length: 190 m

Turrets: 4xAncient Light Turret

Model by: I don't have a bloody clue

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