Ancient-Shivan War Description:Edit

The Achladia is our most advanced destroyer fulfilling the will of the core and elders. It only recently came into service, so opinions wether for or against are still in debate. It has
a much heavier armour and a larger armament, as well as the ability to carry and protect our fighters and bombers, which provides mobility for the fleet. It has been optimized for fighting on the defensive, with our heavy cannons in well-situated positions. Combined with the offensive capabilities of the Odigitria at its side, the Achladia will ensure the future of our race for generations and even centuries to come.


Type: Destroyer

Max Velocity: 25 m/s

Length: 2300 m

Turrets: 5xAncient Canon, 10xAncient Light Turret, 1xAncient Medium Turret

Model by: I don't have a bloody clue

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