3rd Freedom Guard Ship Amaterasu is a Space Battleship operated by the Kibi Defense Force in the anime series Starship Operators.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit


Maiden VoyageEdit

Battle of KibiEdit

Battle of PhoeniciaEdit

Known CrewEdit

  • Captain Cisca Kanzaki
  • XO Shinon Kouzuki



  • Affiliation: Kibi Defense Force (Kibi Defense Fleet), Kibi Planetary Nation
  • Name of Origin: Amaterasu is the name of the sun goddess and is a principal shinto deity in Japan
  • Type: Battleship
  • Active: 2224 A.D.
  • Destroyed: 2224 A.D.
  • Length: 310 meters
  • Width: 105 meters
  • Height: 205 meters
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Crew Complement: 46
  • Max Acceleration: 5G+ (with Auxilary Boosters)
  • Sensor: Kamioka - Neutrino Emission Sensor-(Origin: Kamioka Observatory)
  • Onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI): AESOP (Artificial Encephalon System by Optical Processor)
  • Propullsion: 2 main thrusters and 6 sub thrusters
  • Power-plant: Anti-Matter Reactor (Possibly)
  • Armor: Hotaru ("Firefly") Heat Protection Plates
  • Primary Armament: 4600mm Plasma Cannon
  • Secondary Armament: Torpedoes/Missiles
  • Teritary Armament: one "Revolver"-5 chamber LASER Cannon, four pulse LASER, one Plasma Coil Gun
  • Defensive Munitions: Anti-Laser Defensive Systems
  • Kasumi ("misty") - Magnetic Wave Reflection Plate
  • Ikasumi - Magnetic Wave Absorbtion Fiber

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